We are a group of friends who share an obsession with wine.

We have a deep, and passionate love for the Cape, her terroir and the talents and the character of her people. All of these have inspired us to showcase and share with our friends, both at home and abroad, what we believe to be some of the Cape's most extraordinary wines, stories and personalities.

We aim to have a positive impact on the wine industry in everything we do, paying proper attention to sustainability wherever we can. Success for us means growing a thriving business, in a flourishing industry successfully applying the philosophy of "Do no harm". Or as the Three Wise Monkeys say: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Our business started in 2019 when our founders, Sean “Harry” Harrison and Marcel Hartman, decided to share some of their favourite wine produced in the Cape and beautifully labelled by Sean. They soon realised they needed more - more wine, more money, more talented hands on deck - to grow the brand and the business into a full range of wine showcasing the depth and variety of the Cape's terroir.  Enter Simon, Stan and Jen. Together, we are more.

Two  wines were initially produced under the Harry Hartman label - a Bordeaux styled red blend from Stellenbosch, and a Shiraz from the Cederberg and Stellenbosch areas.  It has since  grown to a range of eight wines. We plan to remain a boutique-styled operation that creates small, impeccably-crafted batches.